Cost vs. Value

People spend incredible fees on preventative measures (i.e. home security systems and credit report monitoring) because they are intimidated by scare tactics for things that will not necessarily ever happen. Here's an investment in a tool that provides both immediate benefit and future value. Some folks spend a small fortune to simply organize their closets, but their critical financial and personal records remain cluttered and scattered. Furthermore, many invest in backing up their PC - so what about backing up your brain?

Most importantly, think about anxiety relief – knowing that everything is in order, organized, and readily available for the right people that you authorize. So don't procrastinate. It's time to confront a more critical need of organization. This is strategic – something to be done because it's important, before it's urgent. Don't become a victim of Abandoned Property Escheatment regulations, where lost or misplaced bank accounts and other personal assets become the property of the state. Imagine the loss you or your estate would suffer for a forgotten bank book or insurance policy!


A One-year subscription is only $59 - that's less than $5 a month!

The renewal rate is only $29. But you can earn free renewals by participating in our referral program.



Did you know that enterprise solutions are also available?

More news to follow..

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