If Something Happened To You --
Are Your Critical Records Easy To Find?

In an emergency, there's no time to start a scavenger hunt 
for critical information. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Your Family Needs Access To:
Legal Documents           -- Credit Cards
Online Accounts             --  Bank Accounts
Insurance Policies          -- Investments          

MyLegacyBackup Secures and Organizes Your Critical Information


                        Protect yourself and your family when…

☑  You're helping a parent or other aging person to organize their records.
☑  You don't always remember details of your online accounts or passwords. 
☑  You manage everything but your spouse has no idea of records or holdings; or your spouse manages all the records and you have no idea.
☑  You would like your children, partner, custodian, Power of Attorney (POA), or Estate Executor to have a solid grasp of your belongings.


Backup Your Brain with
Secure Personal Content Management

♦ Predefined templates of structured categories document
WHAT you have and WHERE it is located.

♦ Easy to use. Secure and accessible from anywhere, whenever it's needed.


To help you get started, get our Complimentary Worksheet 

A One-year subscription is only $59 - that's less than $5 a month!

The renewal rate is only $29, but you can earn free renewals by participating in our referral program.


Use Case Studies to learn about the experiences of others, so you can realize the benefits of your subscription to further document your personal property, and avoid critical consequences that others experienced.

Subscribers also benefit from Advisor Tips - coaching materials included to maximize use of the tool.

Our Blogs will help you learn about relevant topics, so you can maximize and protect your legacy. For example, did you know you can easily lose your assets due to state Escheatment Laws if your property is classified as abandoned? According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA – www.unclaimed.org/what/):
⇒  2.5 million claims totaling $2.25 billion returned to rightful owners in 2011 as a result of state unclaimed property program efforts. Amount of average claim was $892.
⇒  $41.7 billion is waiting to be returned by state unclaimed property programs.
⇒  Claims can be made into perpetuity in most cases - even by heirs.

Read More on this and other subjects.

A byproduct of your subscription is continuous enhancement – as subscribers suggest new collection criteria, we incorporate these improvements into the overall user experience and make them available to everyone. By participating in our ongoing service, you not only reap the benefits of World-Class software, but maximize your experience due to subscriber collaboration.

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